Q1. Sound is produced when a body __________.

Ans: Vibrates.

Q2. Which is called Voice Box in human body?

Ans: Larynx

Q3. Which part vibrates when we speak ?

Ans: Vocal Cord

Q4. Which insect doesn’t have Voice Box ?

Ans: Bee

Q5. How the bees produce sound without having Voice Box?

Ans: They produce sound by moving their wings up and down very fast.

Q6. Can sound travel through vacuum?

Ans: No.

Q7. Which range of frequencies of sounds are audible to Human ears?

Ans: 20 Hz to 20,000Hz.

Q8. Can we hear Ultrasonic Sound / Subsonic Sound?

Ans: No.

Q9. Which animals can hear Ultrasonic sounds?

Ans:Dogs,Bats,Monkeys,Deers,Leopards etc.

Q10. Sound of frequency of below 20 Hz is called____________?

Ans: Subsonic Sound or Infrasonic Sound

Q11. Sound of frequency of above 20,000 Hz is called ______?

Ans: Ultrasonic Sound.

Q12. What is the speed of Sound in Gas medium?

Ans: 330m/sec

Q13. What is the speed of Sound in Water?

Ans: 1500m/sec

Q14. What is the speed of Sound within Iron /steel?

Ans: 5000m/sec

Q15. Does speed of sound increase / decrease with increase in temperature?

Ans: It increases with increase in temperature.

Q16. What is the rate of increase of speed of sound for 1 Degree C rise in temperature?

Ans: 0.61m/sec

Q17. The speed of sound is more humid air / dry air?

Ans: Humid Air

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