This marriage story is completely imaginative. Here is the story:

Day takes birth from the womb of darkness and then gradually, starts growing.

Dawn is the phase of time when the baby starts crawling and the mother night feeds him.

Morning is the phase of time when the baby starts to take food on his own and starts to speak. As the baby becomes capable of doing all works on his own, mother-darkness hides!

Noon is the phase of time when the baby becomes adult and becomes independent. Noon proves that how much he can work by irritating human beings by playing hide and seek with the help of Sun.

Afternoon is the phase of time when he marries with the Evening.

Then the story of evening begins! It is the time when most romantic scenes occur.

There is a meet between darkness and light in the womb of Evening. Then Evening becomes pregnant. It becomes heavy and converted into night.

The time then arrives! It is the midnight, it is the maximum darkness from where day takes birth.

The cycle goes on!

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