Do you clean your house regularly? Do you clean your bedsheet often? Do you clean your dresses regularly? Do you take a bath with the help of soap to clean your body? Do you use shampoo to clean your hair?
It is surprising! You care so much about your body, hair, dresses, beds, rooms, furniture, etc. What is about your mind? Does your mind take bath regularly? Do you clean your mind regularly?
Here are the ways, you can use for cleaning your mind:
1. Forgiveness:
Forgiveness means you are appreciating others, you are helping others to realize but forgiving the same person two-three times for the same type of mistakes means insulting yourself.
A person whom you say bad may be good to so many people. It is very difficult to judge whether you should forgive or not. When you become confused, leave it to God and you act as neutral.
2. Stop excuses: When we don’t get success, we develop so many excuses. Excuses mean giving less priority to the task. When a student enters the classroom late, the teacher asks-” Why do you become so late?” The student replies-” There was so much traffic jam”. The student never replies like this -” Sir, today I was not feeling coming to school. I was feeling sleeping more. That’s why I became late in getting up from bed”. When you will answer in this way, you will develop the skill of accepting your ins and outs.

When you don’t show excuses, you are accepting yourself as you are. You are not lying to yourself. Thus, you are making your mind clean.
3. Stop blaming others: When you stop blaming others, you become an expert in accepting yourself for any situation. Then, you learn how to win in life without blaming others.
4. Find yourself within you: When you will follow the above mentioned three steps, you will get a “new you” within you. After following the above-mentioned steps, you will become more matured, more knowledgeable.
5. Earn Knowledge:
Knowledge is our guide.
Knowledge is –
To know how to Love
To know how to energize ourself
To know how to develop ourself
To know the link between us and God
To know how to fight with Enemy of mind.
Here, knowledge doesn’t mean earning the degree. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is the media through which you will learn to forgive, you will learn to help others, you will discover yourself. Knowledge is knowing nature. Knowledge is filtering the rituals and superstitions. Knowledge is without which you can’t be matured. Knowledge is without which you will remain incomplete. Knowledge has a spiritual power too.
6. Good positive thoughts: Fighting is always going on inside our minds. A mind is a good place where positive thoughts are fighting against negative thoughts. Why do you help negative thoughts to win? When you are observing that so many negative thoughts have occupied your mind, why can’t you shout saying positive thoughts? You speak loudly saying that -” I am good. Everyone is good. No negative thoughts are allowed to enter our minds. I will be alert always. Whenever they will come, I will make them out.”If you feel difficulty in this, follow the below tips:

Let the negative thoughts flow in your mind. You speak loudly with yourself-” If any negative facts happen, I know how to come out of that situation. I will not get fear of negative thoughts . After few days, negative thoughts will get fear entering into my mind”.
7. Purification of Soul: When you will follow the above-mentioned steps, you will feel different. After taking a good bath, how do you feel? Same thing you will feel from the inside. You will feel as if your soul is becoming purified. You will feel light in mental weight. Stress, negative prediction increase our mental weight. Try to feel your soul, the most purified part of you.
8. Exercise: Perform exercises 4-5 days per week. You will start sweating. The germs inside you will go out. You will stay active. Being active is very much required for cleaning our minds too. As body and mind both are linked, when your body is not fit, your mind will also start absorbing negative things. Keep your body fit always.
9. Meditation: Exercise is for making the inside germs out of the body. Similarly, meditation is for making negative thoughts out of the mind.
When you take a deep breath, your body cells become purified. They send positive thoughts to your brain. You start thinking positive.

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  1. I think there are thousands of ways to clean our mind, but those who really wants to clean mind they can do. And those who only showing other to clean our mind, then the thousands or millions of suggestion are worthless.

    BTW, your post is very good 👌

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