My laptop bag contains same things daily, but still I feel different weights each day. When I become happy , I feel more weight on my back due to my laptop bag. When I become sad, I don’t feel any weight though the same bag is on my back. Actually when I become sad, mind’s attention is on the reasons behind sadness. When I become happy, mind searches the reason by which it can bother me.

Mind is like a naughty kid for general people. It always wants to do something by which it can irritate us. When a kid does something wrong, you give punishment. After getting punishment, the kid become silent for sometime. Similarly, when our mind gets hurt, it become silent for sometime or for some days. Then again it starts searching the things by which it can become activated and can make us irritated,sad etc.

When a naughty kid can recognise the consequences of good works and bad works, we say that the kid is growing. Similarly, when our mind can control our thoughts and can understand the consequences of good thoughts and bad thoughts, our mind becomes matured and we will be able to move towards spiritual life.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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44 thoughts on “Mind is like a Naughty Kid

  1. So true….. What you referred to as the mind I usually refer to as the enemy (Satan ) manipulating the mind when we are being dragged down by him. When we then get thoughts in our mind to do good I usually refer to that as the guiding from the Holy Spirit. Thanks for stopping by, and because you did I’ve now found you.

  2. Mind is an entity that has its own mind. With practice it is possible to dissociate self from mind. Once on a rare occasion it happened with me. I could see mental loop going on while I was not involved. Immediately thereafter I got sucked into it.

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