Are you feeling sad hearing some bad news given by your Astrologer? Does your horoscope predict some bad incidents you are going to face? Have your Astrologer said that you can’t make any progress until unless you perform worship to God and that also you can perform after three to four months? Have your Astrologer said that you will not be successful in any work in the coming 4-5 months?
Have you stopped working After hearing all this information? If you have done so, you are helping your horoscope to be true, you are giving the power to your horoscope, you don’t have any courage. One day, you will be fully dependent on your horoscope. Though many things will not match, you will start believing n your horoscope as your attention will not be on those facts. Gradually, you will become a doll in the hands of horoscope.
Astrologers say that horoscope is based on Science only. Yes, it is fully mathematics. But the base of horoscope has been created on some assumptions. As the ebb and flow of a sea happen due to the attraction force of the moon, similarly the tides of life are controlled by the attraction forces of all planets. But Astrologers can’t prove whether Jupiter attracts more or Saturn influences a human’s life in a good way. Moon’s attraction on the sea is one-sided as both are non-living things. But the planet’s attraction on the human beings can’t be strong as human beings are living animals and they have strong will power.
Horoscope is true for coward persons. Horoscope is true for weak persons.
I believe that the Power of God is within you. I believe that you and the sea are not the same things. I believe that you have a tremendous power to fight against your horoscope. Some facts like major accidents, death, etc may not be in your hand and also can’t be avoided by wearing rings as per horoscope. The negative facts against which you can’t fight, can’t be helped by your horoscope also.
Don’t give your power to anyone. You are responsible for the things happening with you. And the things for which you are not responsible, can’t be controlled with the help of horoscope.

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