Some countries believe that Jesus is God, some countries believe that Lord Shiva is God and so on. Imagine the existence of crores of Galaxies. We all know that there is only one God. God exists in the midst of all crores of Galaxies.

God is watching crores of Galaxies which looks like a dot to God. Within that dot all planets are moving across the sun. There are so many stars, planets and satellites within that dot. Out of those, name of one planet is earth. Within earth, there are so many countries. Out of those, name of one country is India. Within India, there are approximately 133 crores of people. Out of those, I am one. I am praying to lord. I am doing so many worships, doing fasting. How I will be sure that my prayer has capabilities to create some waves which can travel at higher speed than light, which can puncture the boundary layer of Earth, boundary layer of our Galaxy, boundary layer of all Galaxies and then it will reach to lord?

Here are the ways you can be sure about this :-

1. Meditation

2. Strong Will Power

3. High level of goodness within you and Excellent Work for this Universe.

Thank you for reading! Stay Blessed!

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7 thoughts on “How will you be sure that your prayer is reaching to the Lord?

  1. Well written. I think our prayer always reaches God, no matter what. but we should not ascribe forms and shapes to God as it has been condemned in many religion and by Hindu reformers as well. We should also respect all his prophets and messengers. Best wishes!

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