Title of the book is “Happiness”. Seeing the cover page, do you think that the inner content is full of happiness? Do you think that if you read the book, you will get happiness throughout all the pages of the book? We all know that nobody can change us until unless we try ourselves.

Do you think that an outer appearance of a human being is his/her entire identity? Some persons whom you talk always smile, laugh and you feel that they are very happy. But when you will talk with them often and will become closed friends to them, you will come to know about the sadness hidden within them. Their cover pages have so attractive smartness that it does not become easy to find their sadness. Believe me, nobody is happy for long time. Without giving description of sadness, a book named ‘Happiness’ can’t be complete. Similarly a human being becomes complete when he/she got the feelings of both happiness and sadness.

Inner content of all books have both stories-sadness and happiness. It is cover page which makes you attracted in buying the book. Similarly, all persons’ lives are full of darkness and brightness. Difference exists only in outer appearance. Never think that sadness is walking only with you. In everyone’s life sadness exists. So, make your outer appearance gorgeous, attractive, smart and always carry a smile in your face.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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  1. Very true, in this world of huge library there must be some books attractive & appealing to the readers so that some monotony can be converted into real pleasures,I am always jovial despite my sufferings,sorrows and failures.Thank you so much for sharing

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