Here, we will discuss 50 numbers of Multiple Choice Questions on “Chandrayaan-2” for different types of competitive examinations. In the M.C.Q generally 4 numbers of options are given. You have to choose the correct one. Here, the correct answer has been mentioned.

The questions and answers are as follows:

1.When was the mission Chandrayaan-2 launched?

Ans:- 22nd July,2019

2. Initially which date was decided for launching Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- 15th July,2019

3. Name the rocket used for launching Chandrayaan-2?


4. Which fuel is used in mission Chandrayaan-2 rocket?

Ans:- UDMH.

5. What is full form of UDMH?

Ans:- Unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine.

6. What is the chemical symbol of UDMH?

Ans:- C2H8N2

7. What is full form of GSLV?

Ans:- Geo Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.

8. What are the objectives of Chandrayaan-2 moon mission?

Ans:- To map the surface of the moon, to collect data on minerals and formation of rock.

9. For how many earth days the scientific experiments will be conducted on the lunar surface by the lander and rover?

Ans:- 14

10. Which position does India hold in attempting soft landing on the lunar surface?


11. Before India which countries have attempted in soft landing on the lunar surface?

Ans:- USA, Russia and China.

12. How Vikram landed on lunar surface ? What are the other types of landing?

Ans:-Soft Landing. Soft Landing, Hard Landing and Cable Landing.

13. What was the first mission name launched by USA and when it was launched?

Ans:- LADEE and it was launched in September, 2013.

14. What was the mission name launched by USA in April, 2018?

Ans:- TESS

15. Which space agency launched mission, Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- ISRO

16. From which space center Chandrayaan-2 was launched?

Ans:- Satish Dhawan Space Center

17. Name the place and state from where Chandrayaan-2 was launched?

Ans:- Shri Harikota in Andhra Pradesh.

18. How much cost is incurred in mission Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- 978 crore

19. Where is Isro’s Head quarter?

Ans:- Bengaluru

20. On which pole of Moon Chandrayaan-2 landed?

Ans:- South pole.

21. By whom Indian space ministry is headed?

Ans:- Prime Minister

22. Who is the present chairman of Isro?

Ans:- K. Sivan

23. Which number of mission is Chandrayaan-2?

Ans:- 2

24. When the mission Chandrayaan-1 was launched?

Ans:- 22nd October in 2008.

25. Who was the chairman of Isro when Chandrayaan-1 was launched?

Ans:- G. Madhavan Nayar.

26. Name the rocket used in Chandrayan – 1 mission?

Ans:- PSLV C11

27. What is the full form of PSLV?

Ans:- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

28. Which moon mission of Israel was failed?

Ans:- Beresheet.

29. When the mission Beresheet was launched?

Ans:- February, 2019.

30. What are the main three components of chandrayan-2?

Ans:- Orbitor, Lander and Rover.

31. What is the name of lander in Chandrayan – 2?

Ans:- Vikram.

32. Name the rover in Chandrayan-2?

Ans:- Pragyan.

33. What is the distance between moon and earth?

Ans:- 3,84,400km

34. How much time is required for the reflected light of moon to reach on earth?

Ans:- 1.30 Seconds

35. What is the gravitational pull of earth compared to moon?

Ans:- 6 times

36. Name the only natural satellite of Earth?

Ans:- Moon.

37. When ISRO was established?


38. Who is founder of Isro?

Ans:- Vikram Sarabhai

39. Name the spacecraft by which Neil Armstrong step foot on moon?

Ans:- Apollo – 11

40. Who is the first person to step foot on moon?

Ans:- Neil Armstrong

41. Study of Moon is called _____.

Ans:- Selenology

42. How many modules Chandrayan-2 have?

Ans:- 3

43. From which launch pad Chandrayan-2 was launched?

Ans:- 2nd.

44. Name the project director of the mission chandrayaan – 2?

Ans:- Muthaya Vanitha

45. Name the mission director at Chandrayan-2?

Ans:- Ritu Kridhal

46. What were the names of the two craters from where the lander and the rover landed near lunar south pole?

Ans:- Manzinus C and Simpelius N

47. What is the solar power capacity of orbitor?

Ans:- 1000W

48. At which latitude Chandrayan-2 aimed to land?

Ans:- 70 degree S Latitude.

49. What is the approximate combined mass of lander and rover ?

Ans:- 1471 kg

50.How many scientific instruments have been selected by ISRO for Orbitor,Lander and Rover ?

Ans :Eight for the Orbitor,Four for the Lander and Two for the Rover

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