People can’t give 8 hours for sleeping at night due to the following reasons :

1. Work pressure at home,

2. Nuclear family,

3. Man and woman both working.

Here are the five things how napping improves work efficiency :

1. After heavy lunch, maximum people can’t work efficiently. If people take 10-15 minutes nap after lunch, it makes people energetic.

2. Every machine runs faster after getting started. Our body is also a machine that should be given rest at least for a few minutes so that it can make a new fresh start.

3. When you keep your light in switch on mode for a long time, it becomes heated. Similarly, when people work hard continuously for 4-5 hours, people become irritated. So, work efficiency gets reduced without napping.

4. After heavy lunch, if people take a nap, foods become digestive easily which increases work efficiency.

5. As in the morning after getting up from bed, people become fresh and energetic, people will feel the same energetic level after a nap at noon.

To know the reasons why napping is required, click on the following link :

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7 thoughts on “Does Napping improve work efficiency at Office?

  1. Very nice article. Sleeping at the office remains far from widespread acceptance, however napping at work shouldn’t be treated as a disciplinary offence. Well-rested employees perform and behave better. In fact, results from a University of Michigan study show that not sleeping through the night can affect employees’ attention and ability to control negative emotional responses.
    In Japan dozing in meetings is apparently a sign of status to show off how hard you work. Some bosses are even said to fake it in order to eavesdrop on indiscreet employees – and the employees fake indiscretions to humour them.

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