When ice melts and converts into water, it looks like mixture of solid and liquid both.One side is liquid and another side is solid. Which phase has more beauty -(i) ice (ii) ice starts melting or water starts solidifying (iii) water? If we consider ice as unhappy phase and water as happy phase, we must pass through the phase (ii).

Do you like noon or dawn ? Do you like midnight or evening ? Evening is the transition period of day and night whereas dawn is the transition period of night and day. This is the period,when we stay cool, when our mood becomes friendly,energetic. Isn’t it ? It is the phase when energy of day and night both exists together.

Similarly, when we travel through transition phase, we become strong, more energetic. After evening, we immerse within deep darkness. When darkness gets its extreme form, it starts diluting it’s darkness and then dawn appears.

This is one cyclic process. So, we should never think negative even when we are in transition period from happiness to sadness (like evening) as because after this phase,another transition phase must appear i.e from sadness to happiness. We should be strong in our both transition periods.

Ice itself does not know why does it melt. Water also does not know the reason behind the change of phase. But we know the reason behind this and it is temperature. Similarly, our transition period is result of some hidden parameters which we don’t know,but nature knows.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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