As I have said in my previous blog , treat blogging as your baby. When you become ill,when your health does not permit you to write,even does not permit you to think anymore, how do you take care of your own baby ? Definitely, your spouse takes care of your baby at that crucial time. But what will happen to your this new baby-Blogging ? How will you take care of your this baby -Blogging ?

Health is wealth -we all know this. When we are physically fit, we don’t require anyone to look after our belongings. Am I right ? But when we are not at all physically fit,we are being dependent on others. When you become ill, your spouse is feeling comfortable to look after your child as you both love your child. But what will happen to this baby -Blogging ?

Your spouse may be of totally opposite nature. He/she may not like blogging at all. If you suffer from illness 4-5 days and you are a serious blogger, what will you do ? As you are a serious blogger, your mind will be attracted towards blogging, but your body is not permitting. Why you will simply be refrained yourself from blogging in this advanced era ? I have one solution for this.

Use technology ! Use “Draft” folder as your savings account. When you will be fit both physically and mentally, think and write two-three articles for tomorrow and schedule it accordingly as per your demand. If you feel, you can’t write next 4 days, then schedule 4 numbers articles for next consecutive four days. Be relax and take rest completely in that 4 days ! Take care of yourself and be fit as early as possible. Let technology take care of your this baby during those crucial days. You focus on your health and come back soon in blogging !

Thank you for reading! Let us make a beautiful world together! May God Bless this entire Universe!

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      1. well, i only say what i feel . what you need instead is to give ur self more credit and aknowledge ur quality into this Tanusri

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