‘I’ and ‘My’

Not at all shy.

For ‘you’,

Everything is few.

Kingdom is ‘Mine’,

And ‘you’

Is nothing.

‘I’ is everything.

‘I’ is selfish,

You are foolish,

‘I’ will win,

And will let you ruin.

‘I’, ‘I’, ‘Mine’, ‘Mine’,

House is ‘Mine’ , property is ‘Mine’,

You never be fine.

Always ‘I’ prevails,

You, the hell!

Most selfish word, selfish thought is ‘I’. Nothing is ours, still we demand everything as ours. We have come in this world with a big zero and we will leave this world with a big zero. We all are aware of this, still we are fighting to grab the power, to grab the things. If we can come out of this selfish thoughts, we will achieve an eternal peace.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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8 thoughts on “‘I’-Most selfish word

  1. if “I, Me, Mine” are selfish words, how on earth are you going to survive!!?? Are you ready to give away everything, as you don’t want to say “This is Mine, or this belongs to Me, or I own this?
    My house, My state, My country….this is not selfishness 🙂 🙂

    1. Extreme of ‘my’ism.. is not good… My country is okay.. But if someone says to his brother that” it is my house only”, then it is not good… We need balance.. Again sometime it is required to snatch our right if we are being deprived.. Anyway thank you for sharing your views here 🙏

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