Are you really out of words? Is your mind out of words? So you mean to say that your mind is empty. I don’t believe so. If a kid tells that she/he wants to play with wind and there is no wind, how can he/she play? May be there is no wind, but of course there is air. Problem is that when wind blows, he/she gets comfort to play but when air is there he/she can’t draw attention for his/her comfort as air is static.

Do you think that pipeline does not contain water when you don’t turn on the tap? If you turn on the tap, you get water. Similarly, your mind is full of words. But there is no flow. You have to give pressure in your mind and this means that you have to think and arrange the words accordingly. If you don’t think, your words played in your mind don’t get a shape and remain in static mode. This is the reason you don’t get output as you don’t get water, when you don’t turn on the tap.

Words already exist in your mind. You just concentrate on those words which are in static mode and impose a force on your words so that words can flow. Still if you don’t find the words, you focus on your eyes. Your eyes will help you if you become hungry for words.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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  1. Great thoughts Tanusri! For a writer, the well should never run completely dry. At times, the flow of ideas, inspiration, and words may slow, but this is a temporary dilemma.

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