We are only responsible for our death. Everytime we depend on others. Often, we whisper that we are not feeling good. After crossing the age of 60 or 70, we say – “our all works have been finished. Now, time has come to leave.” Our Subconscious mind becomes very attentive in what we are saying.

Sub conscious mind wants to convert those sayings((What we say in our mind) into actions. Remember, we think and plan and Subconscious mind converts those into actions,Subconscious mind executes.

Why do you think that at the age of 60, you have to leave? Is it because you have completed all your works? Is not it your duty to look after your grand-children? Don’t you want to survive as grand-parents? Truely speaking, you don’t want.

There are so many reasons behind this: your sons/daughters don’t want you or they want you to stay at their home in their way which you don’t like. It is just cyclic process. When your sons/daughters were young, what was the scenario? You compelled them to stay at your home in your way. So, definitely at this stage when you are 60, the scenario will be opposite. But you can’t accept this because the society or culture has taught you that you are always senior and your sons/daughters will remain junior forever to you. You must accept the scenario. If your sons/daughters do injustice with you, then you must not accept.

Accept the opposite scenario. Wait for more years and love the grand-kids. There is magic in waiting. After few years again cycle will repeat and you will see that your sons/daughters are becoming your best friend once again as your grand-kids do the same thing with your sons/daughters. But till this time, you can’t wait. So, automatically ending becomes full of tragedy. But easily you can live more years after the age of 60. You have to be with your grand – kids. You have to do lots of works. You have to do such great things that this Universe will feel your necessity to live,as this Universe understands the necessity of Sun to move and cannot give death to Sun.

Try to live few more years by making others dependent on you. So, your family will feel the value of your existence. Try to live as grand-parents. What does it matter if you can’t live as a young boy? Try to keep your mind young. Body is secondary. If your mind is young, age of body will reduce automatically. Enjoy the days as grand parents. You will see that Subconscious mind of your grand kids are praying for your good health constantly. Who dare to fight with the Subconscious mind of small kids?

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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24 thoughts on “We are only responsible for our death.

  1. I agree with Ihagh. Why not enjoy the Moment as each one comes as opposed to dreading the final conclusion? Gosh. Seriously I love life so much. I accepted death so many years ago but I never truly appreciated what it meant to Live a Life. Sorry I am smiling now, enjoying this moment, typing words with someone across the world πŸ˜€

  2. I think our system is programmed to move from. Childhood, teenage, adulthood, family life and senior age. Society has set an age for moving out of gainful employment and retire. In earlier times, senior people would move away to meditate in forests. Today, people gradually withdraw from routine life. This phase of life one may spend happy with sons, daughters and grandchildren. But should that be the reason for existence? I guess it will depend on how one looks at life. Different rule for different people.

    1. I have given one example. Reasons for existing may differ. But there must be reasons for existence. That reason should be great one. If we feel that our works have finished, then universe will give us death.

      1. How does one decide what is the reason for existence for another person? I may find no reason at all? We die sometimes even when our lives are not complete. Others may wait for biological life to be over. Question is how do we do it? Should we stand aside and let next generation to take over or we continue managing as we have been doing? Whatever we do, we can do it happy. I prefer the first option.

      2. There are so many things to do for the sake of state, for the sake of poor, for the sake of deprived people, for the sake of country. Why do we see everything around family? I can’t say the exact reason bcz it may vary. Yes, that is also true that we have to give place for next generation. But maximum people leave this world unhappy and without performing any great deed. When we hand over our project of living in this world to our next generation, we should feel proud that we have done a great deed and we should guide our next generation so that they also can do the same thing and leave this world happy

      3. How many of us are really blessed to do something for others in spite of our best intentions. I think, my personal view, we try to improve ourselves, consciously or mostly unconsciously, and we may be at the right place at the right time to do something good. If we have not done much when we are at our prime, what realistic chance we have to do something after retirement? There may be exceptions, but I am speaking in generality. There are people who are happy in any situation, others remain unhappy in the best of situations. Happiness is a state of mind. It may not be related to what work we do for others. As extension ultra left guerrillas should be the happiest people on earth, because they dedicate their lives for poor.

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