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Education system is progressing a lot. But is it really progressing? Many fields like dance, swim, abacus etc have been started in the schools. In our time, only study and sports had been done in the schools.

When someone will tell a cook to cook 8-10 items and when someone will tell same cook to cook 4-5 items, which day will you get better taste? I feel that the cook can perform better on second day but cook will earn better on the first day.

Similarly, nowadays in almost all schools, quality has been drastically reduced as many extra curricular activities have been started. Schools are earning more than earlier days but can’t be able to spread knowledge much.
Swimming pools have been made and there are swimming classes once in a week for three-four months. I have not found any kids who have learned swimming completely in the school. Every parents provide their kids – tutions for study, seperate swimming course, dance class etc. So kids are becoming busier than their parents.
I know few kids who leave their house at 7 am and enter thier house at 3.30pm from school,take their lunch (rice meal) at 3.45pm and at 4 pm, they go to tution. Then at 7 pm, they enter their house. At 7.30pm,their personal tutor come to teach them. The homework given by school, are done by the kids at school only.
No physical activity, no regular sports are done by the kids. The era is changing and becoming more advanced day by day. It is being vital to do some exercises regularly for health and mind both. How will the kids get time? They don’t get time for eating nicely. School and so many tutions. On the weekend, the kids are becoming busy in dance class, drawing class and so many. Even, they are memorizing the formula wherever it exists without understanding the physical meaning and practical applications. The kids have no time to think also. They are becoming a machine and that’s why, they can easily memorize the things, but they can’t understand the concept so easily. The power of thinking is reduced day by day. If this goes on, society will loose great artists, great poets, great scientists.

What will happen if the schools take care of study and sports only? I believe that it will be very nice for kids and parents both. If those extra curricular activities are removed, classes may end early. Cost will be reduced which will help parents. Let the kids do dance, swim by their own arrangements done by parents. Otherwise, school should give the gurantee to the parents that they will take care of extra curricular activities. They should ensure that kids will be expert in swimming by learning from school only and the parents have not to take seperate class for swim , dance etc.

School syllabus is finished so quickly that maximum students don’t understand the concept. So, naturally tutions are being a need for getting proper education.
In our time, I feel, everything was good. I personally had not taken any tution upto class eight. At class nine and ten, I took one tution for Mechanics. At eleven and twelve, I took three tutions for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Our school closing time was 4pm and beginning time was 11 am. We used to get three hours time in the morning and four-five hours time at afternoon and night. We used to play from 5 pm to 6.30 pm on regular basis. I was expert in gymnastics and got prizes many times. But truely speaking, I didn’t take any coach for this. There was one class for gymnastics in the school. I had learned in the school only.
Time has come and we, the parents along with the schools should think about the school – going kids. Don’t make the schools as a time consuming and less efficient place. Management of education system should take care this. Above all, today’s kids are backbone of tomorrow. How much will our future be strong depends on today’s kids’ health and mind.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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29 thoughts on “Education system at schools

  1. Why are you looking at the schools as a learning and teaching centers? just change your point of view and you will realize that every thing are right, let me tell what should be the point of view…Education is a business now-a-days and one of the most profitable businesses…now look with this view and you will find everything correct.

  2. Nothing to do …just be an observer…we are busy to rise voice against those who are using education as business but actually all those parents are responsible coz they are too busy in show off so unable to think logically.

  3. Every one is running without knowing that happiness is the most important thing. Students are more a victim of so called societal challenge than their inner calling. Lot of shifting is needed in education system but sadly it is a business now.

  4. As many women are working, so the families also become busy.. No time to think about all those. Some business oriented people are taking the advantage of this

  5. Sadly that’s true… Our education system is seriously failing on many grounds. One thing parents and schools fail to realise is that it’s better for child to excel in one area of his interest than to have mere knowledge about lots of different areas. Nowadays parents want their kid to be multi-talented and they expect them to do well in studies, sports, music, painting etc. What they don’t realise is that in this way child won’t be expert in any field and will remain mediocre (when he could have become best in field of his/her interest had he not wasted time in other activities he didn’t find interesting).

  6. I totally agree with you Tanusri,…not only the education system but we as parents are equally responsible….we parents want to make our children all rounder, the system is making money because of our ambitious approach,everybody is neglecting the pressure the little one is going through…sad😐….an eye opening writeup Tanusri👍

  7. Actually many extra curricular activities have been included within education system which I don’t like at all. Me too a mother of 6 year’s old kid. But I am helpless. There are sports, swimming, abacus, dance, song etc so many extra activities in school. If someone is interested in making career in dance, she should have join to dance school

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