“A man is not a real man if he does not help his wife in progressing further.”

Though the society is changing, women are progressing, still there are lots of families where man does not want his wife to progress in education. A man can be judged in better way by analyzing how he behaves with his wife. When this man was a kid, he used to cry. He used to cry because he had seen that his father was not respecting his mother. Now, the man is doing same mistake and makes his kid to cry. I don’t understand why the mistakes are being repeated in stead of being corrected. This type of man must be realized that what he is doing is wrong.For realizing this, he must be punished.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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  1. I am really obsessed with this idea. The male chauvinistic society always did such things.😖😓 I am very certain that it does. I have heard many examples where man agrees to teach his future wife before marriage and break the vow after marriage. This society had prejudiced view for woman and so does this realm. It never could be changed nor could be reduced. Well written Tanu. It’s inspiring.😍💖👍

    1. Thank you so much TUSHARA…it exists both in city and village. In city it is not revealed. In villages, people come to know easily what happened to other’s house.

  2. True, there are some different senario I ever experienced, many women want their girl will be educated but will not do any job. They are making the same mistake…. The Women like Tanusri is not in every home..☘️

    1. Agreed. Many women are there who don’t want their daughter to do job. After being educated, after crossing 20 years of age, if a woman has strong desire to do job, her parents can’t do anything. The women u r talking about don’t have strong desire to do job – I believe

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