Cloudy sky

Cloudy Sky

This year Nature is playing with us specially with the people of West Bengal. Farmers in villages are worrying for tomorrow as there is no rain. One month of Monsoon already passed.

Everyday, the sky becomes full of dark clouds. We, all hope for rain. Then suddenly, we see that cloud is vanished and it is full of sunlight as if it is Summer. We can’t understand why Nature is playing so badly with us or is it like this – Nature is trying to give rain here, but someone hiding within nature is not willing to provide rain here.

There must be a purpose behind “no rain” or “no rain” is the effect of something. Is it the effect of “drastic cut of trees”?Is it the effect of “drastic improvement of technology”? If it becomes so, then only city should become the victim. Why do the villages become victims? In villages, maximum people are earning money by farming the land. They are very much worried.

Nature replied my questions :

You two are best friends. When your friend is doing something wrong in the class, why do you also get punishment from teacher? When you are doing something wrong, why does your father suffer? Everything is linked. If within West Bengal, city people do something wrong, village people also have to suffer. At the end, you people together are contributing the nature. Your contribution towards nature is very less. Don’t classify the people and environment in multiple ways.

I became thoughtful after receiving the reply from Nature. How is it possible to run every one’s actions and minds in same direction? This great work can be done by Almighty only. So at this stage, only prayer may help us.

Dear Universe, please bring rain at earliest. Please let the farmers do the farming so that no one in west bengal suffers. Please stop rain where it is flooding. Please keep the balance,otherwise we, your best creations will not survive.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together God bless.

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17 thoughts on “Rainy Season – 2019

  1. Such profound conversation with nature completely fills up the heart! Superb and I admire your concern over this issue. It’s definitely not helping the cause here!πŸ’™πŸ’™

  2. Yah the situation here in Bengal is too much worst in the case of rain, agree wth your views…we are the contributors and we are not doing it properly.
    Borsha kaaler ek tana tin chardin brishti to dekhtei pelam na.

    1. Ektana er katha to vule jan.. Ami to 2-3 hrs tana brishtio dekhte pelam na… Gramer barite jara chash korey earn kore tara khub chintito. Thank you for your kind read.

  3. Not only west Bengal we here in Kutch Gujarat are facing drought since 3 years and there is no sign of rain this year too. This is a serious issue and we people need to come together and work on it! Hope the farmers don’t suffer this year😧

    1. Yes, this is a serious case. Some stated are flooding and some have droughts. Balance is lost due to improper use of Technology and drastic cut of trees. Thank you for your kind read.

      1. I think we are just being greedy in terms of technology. We have proper infrastructure to fulfill our needs. Upgradation is good but feels useless as it is harming the nature and fulfilling the pockets of humans.

  4. This is really a matter to think over. We, in South india, particularly, state of Kerala had a flood last year destroying every mean thing.😩😩 Nature is changing to its violent extreme. Either to flood or drought. We humans are the inducers of such circumstances, especially those in city who pollutes nature. Yeah, as you told prayer is the only possibility. Thanks for sharing this meanful post.πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’š

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