Are you a Working Woman or a Housewife ? Are you serving for your Boss in Office and for your Family at House ? Are you being a machine by serving others always ? Are you not getting time for yourself ? If answer of all these questions are ‘Yes’, then here are the things you must do for yourself only.

If you love cooking daily, then you will feel no problem in serving others. But the women who are like me and hate cooking will always have so many questions in their mind -Why I have to cook ? Is it just because I am a girl ? Have I no right for choosing the other tasks like supporting my family financially, buying daily grocery items ? Is it written somewhere in some books that girls are dedicated for household works ? Can’t we change ourselves ? Serving others is a very great job and you will also feel great when you will be appreciated often and will get holiday and can take leave when you will feel.

Working in designation as ‘House-wife’ in a company named ‘Family’ is never appreciated, rather is criticised and blamed in so called traditional families. This is the reason, almost all women are not feeling happy in family. I advice to follow the following tips if you want to be happier :

  1. Create your own world : Do something which you love deeply.
  2. Could you not be able to find it what you have to do ? Then,read yourself, ask your heart what will make you happy. You may keep yourself engaged in doing tutions,you may sing or dance. You may draw the pictures you like. You may observe people and may write in your Notebook.
  3. Find out free time for yourself: Utilize the time when your kids will be at school and your husband will be at office. I know,this time also you can’t be able to give to yourself as because there are so many household works such as washing clothes,ironing them,decorating your kitchen,toilets etc. These works will always be there. You should do these works alternative days-if today you do washing then tomorrow you do cleaning toilet. Don’t do these works daily and thus don’t make your brain dull.
  4. Got the free time ? Then relax, do whatever you desire : This time is completely yours. Feel relaxed,be with you,help yourself only. Think about you,discover yourself. God has created you with so many qualities within you. Discover those.
  5. Have you discovered yourself ? Then engage yourself in that work : So, have you come to know about yourself ? Now,you know which type of activities you like most. Is it singing or dancing or teaching or stitching clothes ? First few months, do your favorite work at your home in your free time.
  6. Approach your family members that you want to earn something by executing your passion : Believe me, if you can do this you will feel fantastic and you will get energy to look after your family members. So many different types of works are there which you can do sitting at your home.
  7. Keep Patience,one day you will get success in fulfilling yourself as well as you will also become an earning member : When this day will come, you will start saying all these things to your friends who are housewives.

I advice-“Do your duty but simultaneously create your own world”. Specially for housewives,do something for yourself only except household works which will give you entertainment and make you happy. It will be better if you can do something by which you can earn at least a little amount. This earning amount will be completely yours.

If you can do this ,here are the few positive side effects you will achieve :

  1. When you will earn a little amount after taking full responsibility of your family, you will feel great.You will be more enthusiastic.
  2. You will not get time for fighting with your husband for small small reasons.
  3. when you will go for sleeping at night, it will be deep sleep.
  4. You may help your husband by earning some amount of money.
  5. Your kids will see that how nicely you are managing all works.
  6. You may add happiness in your family by organising a tour by your own money.
  7. Ultimately, you will feel proud of yourself.

So, go ahead. Start giving a little time daily for yourself only. GOD Bless all. Let us all be happy together. Let us build a happy, strong, united family.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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31 thoughts on “Make Your Own World (For Housewives)

    1. Ohh… It’s a great news for me… Glad to hear that you hv shared it to your lovely wife… Thank you very much πŸ™.. Convey my love and regards to your wife… Hv a nice day to both of you…

  1. I’m a housewife, I chose to be as I was missing out on so much of my children’s lives when I was working… My down time is my blog, it’s my connection to the otherwise world… At the moment I’m happy but I do look forward to returning to work in a couple of years… 😊

    1. May be very soon, for the same reason I also may convert myself into house wife… Yes.. It is very challenging to keep balance in both job and family… I believe if someone don’t get help from their parents and husband.. It is just impossible to continue job after having children…

  2. I’m not a housewife, but I’m totally agreed with you… If I don’t want to cook then my mama says, what you’ll do after your marriage in your in-laws house? So you must learn here! πŸ˜…

    1. Thank you so much Sudeshna… I feel cooking is such an art which you can learn anytime… Actually it is mother’s habbit to worry for children always.. So nothing to worry.. Whatever you like do it.. Make yourself happy… Hv a nice day

      1. Yes you’re right Tanushree mam, I’m totally agreed with you. But I like to help my mom also… and thank you so much for your support and kind words. Have a lovely day you too…πŸŒΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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