We were the first in this Universe,

Didn’t know the purpose of us!

Didn’t know who was she ,

Walking with me ?

We both were walking across the sea,

Did not know why she was following me ?

Why I was following her ?

And who was the creator ?

Both of us had same questions,

Both of us had same feelings.

With us, nobody was there ,

except Tree,wind,water,land and care !

No insect, no animal, no human;

Did not know about our guardian.

Feeling like -someone had given us huge responsibility,

For growing,for enlarging, for creating beauty

In this earth, “But How “-Both of us asked.

Answer came -“By love and fight, being accepted and rejected,

Being familiar with different feelings”.

Then miracle happened,environment got live.

So many creatures were become alive.

Nature started to bless us and a family had been created.

We grew and grew, generation had been evolved.

We two and our little two all together started expanding the universe.

Other creatures also grew along with us.

We realized the beauty of our love and fight,

We realized the beauty of opposites

Due to which world expands,moves

Nature and environment bless to all of us .

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God Bless !


Please don’t copy the picture also without permission.

Picture Courtesy : collected from my Friend -“Firan”

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