A letter to God #3 (For Men)

Dear God,
I am 30 year’s old Woman. I am a mother of one child. In this letter, I want to say you something about some Men. I want some solutions from you. Before asking my questions, let me tell you what makes me worried.
Men are dominated by Men at office or at their workplace and some cases some men are also dominated by their wives at home which is completely hidden. Sometimes, I feel sad thinking about some Men. Some men are very hard working at office as well as at home,but still they don’t get appreciations anywhere. As a result, I feel that they are carrying a big burden in their mind. They can never enjoy or laugh spontaneously. It seems they laugh artificially to show their family that they are happy. Nobody thinks about them. In every cases women are getting priority for these types of men. Even I have heard some cases where woman threats to her husband saying that she will complain the police that her husband is torturing where there is no fault of him. It is not men and women, rather it is good human being or bad human being. Why our society can’t judge like this way?
Some men are too good that they take the entire financial responsibility of their family though their wives are working. They don’t ask anything about their wives’ earning, expenditures. Then for what purpose are women working? Just for her goodness only? Whereas when a man is working, he thinks about the entire family. I feel very odd if I can’t reduce my husband’s tension in earning money, I feel then what is the need of my earnings? I have started earning thinking that we will be good friend. We will divide our tensions. But ultimately, I have seen that it is men’s habit to take tension for earning money. I feel ashamed. I feel that I am failing. I hope it happens in some family. But it should not be. As women have to take care of their family also, their earning amount is less than that of husband’s earning amount. Women think that the money earned by her is completely of her. They spend that money for increasing their beauty, for keeping themselves happy. It is good, I know. Nothing is bad here. But why can’t man think like this way and enjoy the life? Definitely some men can.
Exceptions always exist in all fields. But I am talking about those man who always thinks about his family, never thinks about him.
I have seen from my childhood that my father used to give new dress for me, for my mother and for all of my sisters, uncles, grand mothers every year before “Durgapuja Festival”, but he never have bought something for him until unless it becomes most urgent. How can Men be so good?
Women are very careful about their heath, life style etc. So, in this era, women are being more advanced, more smart, more intelligent. So, I am not worried about them. They know how to tackle the difficult issues. They are energetic. These are the reasons, they can live upto 70-80 years of age. But, maximum men suffer from so many diseases and they are living only upto 50-70 years of age. Some men never think about their health, their lifestyle etc.
Here, we women can’t do anything. Please God- make them understand that they should take care of their health first. We, women are progressing day by day but does not mean we will tolerate injustice happened with men. We want equal happiness to men and women.
Please help me in this regard. Tell them to lead a good life style, tell them not to take entire financial responsibility if their wives are working. We, women will be felt insulted then. You only can change them.
Thanking you,
Your’s creation- A woman.
N.B : This post is not for all Men and all Women. But I believe that some men fall in this category as well as some women are also worried about their husbands and fathers. In this post, I specially want to thank two Men (are my two Heroes) in my life : My Respected Father and My Respected Husband. I will never forget their sacrifice.
Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world. God Bless.


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21 thoughts on “A letter to God #3 (For Men)

  1. How can you think like this way… I don’t know… I am not at all bothered for voting… I hate politics… But being a citizen i hv to obey some rules…

  2. Interesting letter – I guess, it is in the genes of men to think they need to protect the family – not that they shouldn’t but things are changing –

  3. Right. We should not judge the things as man and woman.. Rather we should judge as strong and weak person.. Some women are stronger than men..

  4. It’s my pleasure, I know what a capable writer you are, so I know, you will do these quotes justiceโค Lyndsey.

  5. My immense pleasure having your precious comments here ๐Ÿ’• ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ™.. Surely I will. Anyway is your good name-Lyndsey?

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