We can’t exist without our opposite form of energy. Even If I am ‘A’, a very very good woman, then definitely there must be ‘B’, a very very bad man staying in some other universes. A is completely opposite nature of B.

God of all universes, look after the equations of good and bad. If suddenly ‘A’ is changed from very very good to good woman, then ‘B’ must be changed from very very bad to ‘bad’ man. This power of good /bad is called valency.

A2=B2, where 2 is the power.

A1=B1, Where A1 is very good woman and B is very bad man

A=B, where A is good woman and B is bad man.

God is balancing the equations of all creatures by changing the valencies in both side of the equation.

We should take care of our opposite energy by recalling them in front of God – “ohh God, please bless me as well as my opposite energy so that both of us together can do a great work. Please don’t allow my opposite energy to do negative / destructive works.”

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Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. Stay blessed always.

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  1. You have touched a very profound topic. There is no absolute good or bad. There is always a balance as in an atom positive and negative balance each other, a good man must have his opposite and vice versa. Sri Rama Krishna would say this world is playground of good and bad.

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