Sue Vincent’s Picture Prompt Wicker#writephoto May 16, 2019

Amazing photo ! In this photo, three women’s hands are connected. when some people are being united, their shades are also being united. Men /Women can do anything if they become united. Being united is very necessary for making progress in any field.

One member in a family brings loneliness. Two members in a family suffer from lack of time in communicating each other. Three members in a family brings happiness. It is not always necessary that out of three members, one must be male member. Two siblings and an adopted kid can also make a happy family. Womanhood will be beautiful if no single woman stays alone, rather adopt a sister and then both siblings become united and adopt a kid.

Technology has been progressed a lot. Joint family has not been seen nowadays. After long years, human being will understand the problems of nuclear family and will try to tie up with other family members and thus will make a new family. Then again we will be able to see joint family , but difference will be that all members of the family will not be of same blood relations. It does not matter in anything. When shades are being united, it does not see whether they are from same blood relation or not. Let the family be God-made or man-made, ultimately , unity of a family (number of Members must be minimum three) is strength.

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