When a tree gives us fruits, usually what do we do ? We eat the fruits after removing the peel. We don’t eat the peel.

Exactly it happened to us also. Our body is not taken by God. It gets rusted, as time passes, body looses it’s value. God takes the souls of us and before taking the souls, God removes bodies from us. This is the reason , the dead body is burnt or buried in a cemetery . Fire or ‘buried in a cemetery’ is the media by which God separates the Body and Soul.

Our body is our peel. Essence of human being or taste comes from Soul and Mind. These two become enriched when we possess good behavior, good relationships,good thinking / feelings.

So, don’t become upset thinking about outer appearance of our body. We must concentrate on our essence, for what we will be judged by God.

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31 thoughts on “Peel of Human Being is Body as like Fruit’s Peel

    1. Some people are worried bcz they look bad… For them only I am telling that body look doesn’t matter, it is peel. God will not see the quality of the peel.

  1. Awesome post.I find a touch of spirituality in almost all your post and that’s a great sign because in today’s world people need more food for spiritual upliftment and the inner message of your post states that we can come closer to the almighty only by taking care of our soul and not our body. We only need to look after our body so that the soul is safe and secure in our body.Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Yes, your explanation can only complete my post… Our body is cover of our soul. It protects our soul.. For this only, cover should be strong enough.. No other reason… So a person will be reach only when his soul

    1. My immense pleasure getting such compliments from you. Nothing to feel foolish, everyone’s way of thinking or explaining the things are different and beautiful

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