Mother, Maa, Amma, Mummy-
the most beautiful words in this Universe. These words are not created by human beings rather created by our feelings spontaneously. This means whenever we feel pain, we cry by shouting one word “Ma” /”Mummy”. Mother only teaches the word- “Baba” /”Father” /”Papa”. Balance all the words are taught by Mother and other relatives.

This word’s origin is Nature. When the word itself is most beautiful along with it’s origin then the feelings of it must be beautiful.

Temple becomes beautiful when women/mothers enter and worship God. House becomes home when women/mothers stay there. Nature becomes beautiful when Rivers (treated as women e.g – Ganga, Yamuna) flow with uniform speed, wind blows gently.
When mother becomes violent, family breaks, big storm appears in nature, Temple looses it’s dignity.

Never make mother of your family angry. If you do so, Goddess Durga will become Goddess Kali. All mothers want good and happiness only for their children. They look after their children till their last breath.

So, we should never insult our mother. We should look after our mother when she physically need it. We should not show lots of excuses for not getting time to look after their old mother.

Wish you all a very happy Mother’s day…

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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23 thoughts on “Mother

  1. For a long time I had been wondering what does worshipping mother goddess means? We have read how mother Durga becomes mother Kali. Yet as worshipper of mother God in so many different forms why we are such an abominable society where women are treated so poorly. As a race we have seen defeat after defeat at the hands of foreign powers. We became subjugated more than a thousand years. What is the significance of worshipping mother in such angry form? You explained it beautifully if a woman is angry home and society falls apart. As a society that was and still is inward looking and not aggressive land conquerers, I think peace at home will be impossible if women are unhappy. As Swami Vivekananda said a society that does not respect its women are destined to be doomed. In your post you have explained this principle beautifully.

    1. Yes, it is true that women are not getting its required respect. But we must confess that it is progressing, may be slowly… Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts… Hav a great day 😃 🙏

  2. You have brought out an important truth in this simple, yet poignant post. When the mother of a family is showered with love and treated with respect, the entire family stays happy and things run smooth. Why cannot the society understand this basic point? It is painful to see so many mothers (even of this modern generation) suffer a lot , in spite of their many sacrifices for their family. I just hope this will change at least in the near future.

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