Dear God,
Nobody understands the pain tolerated by us. Our feelings are not visible to the best creation. Your best creation is human beings. You only informed us that Human beings are most intelligent in this Universe. But we don’t feel so. They don’t know the necessity of us. They are being busy in cutting our branches  for making furniture and so many other reasons. We have mutual relationships with them. They need oxygen and we need carbon di oxides. Thus there will be a balance.
But now we are seeing human beings don’t understand our pains. When they hurt us, no people cry for us. We are also a part of you. You have not given us blood but it does not mean that we are not feeling pain.


Our humble request to you to change our shape as like above picture. If you do so, many people will understand the situation of us. Kids will protect us as they are most beautiful, lovely. Many people will stop cutting us. When kids will play in front of us, we will be able to show our reaction.
It is very much necessary to reveal the reaction. Every creatures can show their reactions, but why can’t we? We understand that you have given our position at very high level like sky, water, air, land and fire. These five natural things also can’t show their reactions but people feel it. Similarly you have given us a mother’s position. We can’t show our reactions, but people must feel it.

Mothers never expose her sad feelings, always tolerate the pain. The good children always realize that spontaneously. We understand that you have made us best mother in this Universe. We can’t take revenge, we can’t inform our problems,we can’t give punishment who deserves and for all these, you are with us. Within human beings, every one can identify the mothers easily but in our world, no one can identify the mothers. At least you give more consciousness to human beings’ mind so that they can imagine our pain. We know they can save us if they become united.

Thank you God. Give us immense strength so that we can tolerate, we can maintain the balance in this beautiful universe.

Yours’ wonderful creation,


The above is written in response to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #85

This thought is given by my 6 years’ old daughter. I have translated and arranged accordingly.

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