It is declared that a severe cyclonic storm – “Fani” will hit Kolkata on 3rd May’19 at 11.30P.M with an average speed of 130-140kmph”.Government had declared holidays for all schools. Some private schools were opened. Lots of precautions had been taken. Whole night passed with anxiety. The people who are below poverty line, were much worried thinking about the existence of their one and only shelter.

Today morning, after getting up from bed, all were being relaxed seeing that no injuries, nothing bad happened at Kolkata. In Orissa, lot of damages occurred. One bus couldn’t able to keep it’s balance and the people inside the bus lost their lives. It is very shocking news. It has been informed in news that Kolkata has not been affected because of it’s extreme heat. When the cyclone hits Kolkata, it becomes diluted due to huge heat.

Here, Nature teaches us – “The things which we don’t like, sometimes those things help us in saving our lives.”

Video collected.

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