When aim is same, enemies become friends.

Today, on 3rd May’19, when all are worried about super cyclone-“Fani”, I am not worried as because I know if Nature wants to take our lives, human beings can’t do anything.
Today, different types of thoughts are playing “hide and seek” in my mind.
Nature is too good. We may treat Nature as owner and her family members are : Air, Land, Water, Fire and Sky. When one of her family members appears with her violence, Nature gives hints about it to human beings. But do humans give hints before doing some violence? The evils in the form of human beings are more dangerous than the Nature. Though Nature destroys so many things with the help of cyclone, flood etc, but the people who take lives of girls, women just for their pleasure are more dangerous than the Nature.
See the differences between these two situations. In both cases, damage occurs. In one case, victim may be any family or any person, in another case, victim is a particular person and her family. When Nature arrives in her violence form, all people – good and bad become united, because everyone’s concern is how to rescue themselves. When aim is same, enemies becomes friends. But when those evils (in form of humans) rape the babies, girls and women; kills their brothers due to property, murders their parents, fights with family members constantly, forget about bad people, even all good people don’t become united.
Super cyclone – “Fani” has not done anything till now, still journalists, all ministers, all people become united and are taking so many precautions but when a person kills another person, no journalists, no ministers, no people become united. Why will they be united? The bad thing has not happened with them. Victim is only that family who lost one life.
Nature teaches us many things. Here, Nature wants to tell us-“when some unethical work occurs by some bad people, all good people should be united, then only people can make a beautiful world and can defeat the Evil.”

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24 thoughts on “When aim is same, enemies become friends.

  1. Keep safe of typhoon Fani , its now around west bengal and moving further , wish every one safe and secured time and this will move on soon too. Good luck and prayers, 🙏✨

  2. A great message indeed, it is so harrowing to see several news articles daily about young girls being raped! I feel sick reading about such innocent and young children going through such trauma, there are so many crimes occurring right now, a strict and collective action is really required

  3. Yeah a bitter truth we hear everyday and we don’t care about it. We ourselves are the ones here. Great eye opener but do these words really count in the open world?🙂

  4. Yes,it is very difficult to snatch everyone’s attention and become united. Human’s mind is very difficult to understand. Mind always thinks about so many factors and then takes decisions.

  5. we are now in safe. I have written this post yesterday and published today. Thank you so much for your wishes. hv a great day !

  6. That’s true. Simultaneously, the rules, facilities are not good. If a good person helps a victim, that good person may entangled in the problematic situations. This is the reason, only one person’s help may create problems but many persons’ help (together) can not create problems.

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