God is best designer of this universe. God or you may call as creator of this universe is a great artist.

God designs the universe, God designs the human kind structure, God designs the varieties exist in human beings. Gos designs the all animals and insect’s structures. God designs the things exist in this universe. God designs the structure of solid, liquid, gas. God designs the way how life will grow.

After designing everything, God spread a gas in this universe named as “Feelings“. After spreading this gas, entire universe starts growing in their own way.

Though Science is trying hard to make human beings immortal, but personally I feel that it is no way possible. If it becomes possible by any means, the entire universe will destroy after discovering the medicine for making human beings immortal.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together by co-operating each other for the good reason. God bless.

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26 thoughts on “God is best designer..

  1. He is master of this math, which executes brilliant physical presence… we are illuminating photons in the space and time. We are projected by him.. when he shutsdown the projecter play stops.
    A great screenplay by God.. thing is he is a director, musician.. everything… we may have some clue of is techniquies that our science know.. of just 0.00001 percentage.. rest is huge..

    Yes.. Tanu.. God is great desinger

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