Please refer the picture attached here. COLUMBIA ASIA is a name of a hospital. I have not attached this picture for giving some advertisement of this hospital rather I have attached this for some other reason.

Have you noticed the sentence written by pencil below the text “Take Care”? Look into the picture once again. It is written – “This is important thing”.

It is written by her(6 years old). She is my daughter. She can read now and she is excited. Suddenly she has noticed the text written on that paper – “Take Care”. Then she told me – “Mummy, this is important thing”.

I replied – “Of course, it is important to take care yourself and others”.

In the meantime, I noticed that she has written already that “This is important”.

If a kid can understand taking care of ourselves is important, why can’t we? If everyone takes care of himself or herself, then I feel that the load put on God will be reduced. Here taking care means taking care of health and mind both.

Kids are naturally beautiful. They have divine thinking. If we can give them a pure nature, pure food and a healthy environment, they will perform excellent. For giving them a healthy environment, at first we have to be cautious about our health.

Any transition phase is difficult. But somehow if we can overcome the difficulties and can provide them pure nature, pure food and a healthy environment, by providing our dedication to working hard, we will be successful oneday. After that, it will be smooth. Next generation onwards, it will not be so difficult.

Actually, the clay, the mud on which we plant the seeds, is not at all good and this is the reason we don’t get good fruits.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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  1. I just remember one thing, one of my 5years old friend shocked to see the news when AMRI hospital was burning, patients were in danger and died also. She asked me why it is in hospital also? She asked me about the LOST BRAIN which was taken from one patient to have an experiment as well as treatment. BRAIN STOLEN!!!!

    I understood, small child also know the IMPORTANCE…

  2. The viewcount on your blog inspired me to keep practiving my blogging. (not that i was keen on closing it, but traffic has always been a hurdle). thankyou for having this place, as you call it an online house.
    sending toards you fantastic vibes for a great week.

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