This post is dedicated to all married people. We will analyze the relationships between husband and wife before marriage or 5-6 months after marriage and 6-7 years after marriage. Before marriage, the taste of relationship is amazing. Am I right? No boundary, no restriction, no responsibility. Responsibility exists within parents. But still you think about your parents also. You and your spouse are meeting with each other, may be – daily for half an hour, or twice in a week or once in a week. You are taking care about your spouse still no tension you are feeling. You are completely in a dream land.

Let us discuss the next phase. You got married. You both are flying in love zone. Few years passed, you are seeing that if he becomes late coming from office, you are shouting at him. But, just after marriage also, he was late coming from office one or two times. That time, you were waiting for him, and did not take dinner.

Just after marriage, oneday she demanded to take her at nearby restaurant or park. You were so happy in taking her to that place. Now, after 6-7 years of marriage, when she is demanding the same thing, you are shouting at her.

How the things are changed, isn’t it? Is it happening with you too? Never treat your spouse as granted rather treat your spouse as “hobby/passion”. Do you expect anything from your hobby? You don’t expect anything, right? If you expect money from your hobby, your hobby will not remain as hobby. In this case, your hobby will become office or place for earning. You all know the famous dialog said by Dr. A. P. J Abdul Kalam – “Love your job, not your company”. Similarly, love your thoughts, don’t love the place from where you can earn by plotting your thoughts. Love your spouse, don’t love to think about dividing the responsibility.

Don’t make the relationship rough. Remain as you were just before or just after marriage. Both of you do the household works as much as you can. Both of you think about each other as you were thinking in those romantic timing. Expectations in fulfilling responsibilities make relationships worsening. Be cool, calm and both of you sit together and then divide the entire responsibilities and household works. Then, just do your duty and don’t try to find out mistakes done by your spouse. Ignore the mistakes as you were doing just after marriage.

Wish you (married people) all a happy spouse life.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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    1. Yes, right…. If someone loves spouse unconditionally… Then relationship becomes strong. Thank you for reading and commenting.. Hv a nice day… 😃 🙏

    1. He he he… More or less everyone feels the difference between the two phases: just after marriage and long years after marriage…. You have time… Give high maintenance by giving proper care and attention.. So that relationship remains new throughout the life….

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