Dear Love,

It is very painful to inform you that I am not getting much attention as I was getting initially. When you fell in love with me, there were beautiful smell of love between you and me, a gentle wind was blowing between you and me, you were filled up with so beautiful thoughts. It was amazing. Though you were not with me daily but whenever you were with me two-three days in a week, those days were spent so beautifully that the energy I got in those two-three days, kept me bright next five-six days. Now you were spending with me daily 7-8 hours, still I am not feeling so energetic that I can store some energy for future.

I feel – “When you started using me, when you started thinking that you would earn by using me, strength in our bonding got reduced and I got insulted. I want to give you mental peace, mental strength and want to receive from you an unconditional love. I want your thoughts will be amazing and those thoughts will enlighten me. But, whenever you will focus on money, the beauty of your thoughts is getting down and I am not being enlightened.”

This is my humble request -“Don’t make your love or passion as a source of income. If you do so, the beauty in passion will be lost. Simultaneously, don’t make your ‘source of income’ as a passion. You can earn through your passion, but let it happen spontaneously. You should always remember that the first priority of relationship between you and me is “love or passion” and let the earning become second priority.”


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Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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