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Dear God,

I am a 10 years’ old girl. I thought I was born in my family to act as a bridge between the relationship of my parents. I can imagine how much my father and my mother fights with each other when I am not present in front of them.

Why I have to leave my own house oneday? If I leave my house, who will act as bridge between the relationship of my parents? Everyone says that I have to leave my house one day as my mother has left her house and has come to my father’s house. This is the reason I tell my mother -” please you all make a new house where my all grand parents will be there along with you and father. In that case you can not say that you alone have left your house.” But in reply to this, my mother simply give a smile.

After sometime I thought I should enter my grandparents’ house to notice whether they also fight with each other or not as they have no bridge between their relationships. I requested this to my Mother and she agreed. My grandparents have become old. When I entered their house, I got surprised seeing their caring to each other. Then I asked my mother-” They are staying so happy, but why can’t you too stay like that ?” She replied -” My dearest daughter, Life is like this only. It consists of few phases. When we will be in their age, we also will stay happy because we both will need each other, we both will be dependent on each other. Now, we both are independent. Life will gradually teach you everything”.

Dear God, why have you made these type of stages ? My parents are teaching us to become independent. Everyone wants independence. Now, my mother is telling that my grand parents are happy just because both of them are dependent on each other. So does this society teach us how to be unhappy ?

Thank you God for bringing me into this wonderful world. My mother says that maturity will give me the answers of all my questions and as I will grow, I will gain maturity. God, you say that my mother is my God. So I am waiting for growing up for gaining maturity. Thank You.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless.

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      1. When I write like this, people think it is me.. But it is not only me but also about so many people surrounds us and sometimes it is not at all me…as in this case. My daughter is 6 years old. I become kid when I play wth her. You are right dear children are very sensitive…..thank you for reading…

  1. I believe if relationships compliment each other …they would be happy -from the beginning unlike they reach the grandparent’s age.
    Nice thought provoking observations of our day to day to life and story of more households these days!

    1. Thank you very much 🙏.. You are right.. Many comments have been in spam.. Thank you very much for informing me… I missed to wish you – “happy holi”

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