When they were like you

Near about twenty two,

They too haunting for love.

Their mind floated above

It’s level,

Their mind attracted beauty of flower

Of a beautiful garden,

Their mind swam in deep sea.

Their mind were searching for partner,

Here and there.

Now at near about thirty five,

Love, emotions hide

Together within

Responsibilities and hard working,

Responsibility first, sleep second,

Forget about love, emotion.

Without love, responsibility is burden,

Without emotion, love is hidden.

Hope, when they will be near about fifty five,

Hidden love will be alive.

Hope, again the couple will feel new

To each other,

Love-sky will be deep blue.

They will become best partner,

Will be happy forever.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world. God Bless.

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    1. He he he… I got this concept from your poem – dream… You are searching for your partner and I already spent that phase… Now only responsibility…. A special thanks to you.. Nirant… 😃 🙏

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