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Whether it is machine or human brain,everything requires off-period when machines / human brain will be in rest i.e in idle condition. Every machines starting from Microwave to Air conditioner,all need rest and these machines get also that.

What will happen if you operate your Microwave continuously even at night also? Its lifetime will be reduced.On the other side, if you simply keep your microwave in idle phase always and never operate it and then after 4-5 years if you want to operate it, it will not work properly.

But what happened to human brains ? Is it getting proper rest ? You may say that during sleeping,your brain is getting rest. No,your brain becomes more active when you sleep. Without sleeping,when you are awake, just sit idle without thinking anything. Sit idle only for 10-15 minutes daily at any time. Your work efficiency will increase then.

Again make alert yourself so that relax-period of 10-15 minutes does not converted into laziness. When you will make yourself idle for 5-6 hours, your brain is not going to be efficient rather it is going to be a Devil’s Workshop. There is a proverb -“Idle brain is the Devil’s Workshop”. When you will be idle for long time, you can’t keep your mind engaged with emptiness, rather your mind will start thinking bad ideas, bad stories, negative thoughts. But by any chance, if you can keep your mind in a vacuum condition for long time,then you are not general human being rather you are superior to them.

For general human being, it is very essential to keep themselves engaged in works always except a certain off period of 10-15 minutes. Do you call it as Meditation? But whenever you will go for doing meditation,your brain becomes active and your mind becomes alert and starts thinking that you should not think anything, your brain becomes cautious about your body-movement. So,during meditation also,your brain is not in idle condition for general human being. Then what to do ? simply sit or lay on bed,dont think too much about your body movement. If you feel like moving your hand,you may move it. But science will say that if you move your hand, your brain is working. These actions are spontaneous and will not hamper your mind, rather if you feel moving your hand for some reason and you don’t do so, then your mind becomes pressurised. You should remember that you are not giving rest to your body during this off-period, rather you are giving rest to your mind only. Your aim will be not to think anything. Your body get enough rest when you sleep. So this off-period is not for your body but for your mind only.

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