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Maintenance! Maintenance! Everything claims for it. Maintenance for flat, maintenance for car, maintenance for water filter, maintenance for chimney, maintenance for keeping your bank account running. All these maintenances are required for running the things in right way. For all these maintenances, you have to spend money, right? As these are machinery things, spending money is enough. Machines claim maintenance means these items want your attention. But what you should spend when your relationship wants your attention?

It has been observed that many spouses have a strong relationship with each other just for two years after marriage. After two years of marriage, strength of relationship decrease with time. This happens just because of lack of maintenance.

How much it costs to maintain a strong relationship? If you think about money, It costs ZERO. Relationship is lively thing; you should spend time for your spouse. In some cases, maintenance can’t be done by money, rather it can be done by a lovely behaviour and spending time.

Time is very precious thing. Some persons are being too busy in running behind earning money and forget their wives. Wives are being neglected. Those persons think that their wives are compelled to listen to their husbands. Their thinking is wrong. Everything is being changed due to rapid evolution. Women are not bound to listen to their husbands. Women are progressing a lot. Those persons neglect their wives daily and one day when they realise about this, it becomes too let to get that strength back in relationship. Sometimes,husbands are also being neglected and thus the relationship gets rusted due to lack of maintenance for long time.

So spend enough time for maintaining a strong relationship. Tell some good positive words to your spouse and always tell him/her that he/she is still new to you. Keep alive your childish nature in front of your spouse. Admire of your spouse about his/her behaviour. When you come to your home after completion of your office work, sit beside your spouse and discuss about your achievements, tensions and daily activity and also listen the same from the opposite side. Like this way, spend enough time with your spouse for maintaining a strong relation.

Have a happy Relationship ! Let’s reduce the numbers of divorced cases and thus, let us give a wonderful life to the backbone of tomorrow and kids of today ! Lxet’s create a beautiful world !

God bless !

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