This Poem is regarding -guilty feeling of a mother.

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I am the killer, but of whom ?

who was sleeping in my womb,

very gently,nourishing my hormones,

always providing me ray of hopes.

I am the killer, but whom I killed ?

The fetus,who relied on me and loved

me,who just begged for staying within me

only nine months,then want to see

this beautiful world around me.

I am the killer,the killer

But when I killed him / her ?

All were sleeping,that time

I swallowed that medicine

which turned me into Killer.

Want forgiveness from him or her,

All nights are scary and screamed.

And in day time, my whole body got trembled.

Now and then,every time madness

taking away my all happiness.

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28 thoughts on “Killer

    1. Yes, but still.. I know many mothers who compelled to do so because of their family.. Those mothers still feeling guilty.. Anyway thank you very much πŸ™ for sharing your opinion.. Hv a nice day..

  1. Wow… This Straight from the heart. I love how you wrote this piece from the perspective of acknowledging the baby, as a living human being growing, inside his mother womb.

    A decision is made that can’t be taken back, once it is done.
    Regardless of the Why??

    Some women today are suffering in silence, guilt and shame, as well as; the what if’s due to having an abortion.

    Some get stuck, even paralyzed by the haunting by their past.
    They don’t realize the Love, Hope and Forgiveness God has Offered Through shed Jesus Christ.
    Forgiving Oneself and becoming part of a support group is very helpful.
    No one has to suffer alone

    InHisCare πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’œ

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