Before going to the discussion, let me ask you something :

Why do you read or look at dictionary? Definitely, for finding new words. Dictionary means a collection of infinite number of words.

Similarly blogging means a collection of infinite number of thoughts.

I believe everyone’s thought is unique. Everyone’s background is unique. Everyone’s everything is unique. As much as you can read, you will get ideas.

So if you don’t read my blog, you will be lagging behind the ideas.

Other reasons to read my blogs are :

I always write in simple language so that everyone can understand the subject easily”.

I always write the subject within very few words. I know that everyone is very busy and they have tight schedule.”

I used to highlight the important parameters so that busiest readers can put their eyes at least on the highlighted portion”.

“Last but not least, purpose of my blog is to motivate people and to make the world beautiful by reducing blind, time consuming rituals and superstitions.”

At last I must confess that I got encouraged to write a blog on this topic from” Cristian Mihai, The Art of Blogging”. If I did not read his blog, I would have missed this idea – to write a blog on this topic.

Thank you “Cristian Mihai, The Art of Blogging”,because of you only, I could able to write this one.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

40 thoughts on “Why should you read my blog?

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