When someone dies,
We realize
The value of him.
We start thinking good of him.
We praise him,
But when he was alive,
We only argue and fight,
We criticize.

Thus negetive words

Balance the positive words.
When someone dies,
We feel the absence

Of him as it is a great loss.
Anyone’s death is a loss
To someone.
Anyone’s birth is a gain
To someone.
Here someone dies,
There someone takes birth.

Total energy is constant.
And Human beings are form of energy only,

Does total death is equal to total birth?

Perhaps, it should be.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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19 thoughts on “Life and death-Energy Transfer

  1. With death, people always reflect about the deceased. Perhaps we should pause first and wonder what people will say about us when the end comes. Maybe we be more positive in our own outlook and how we treat others.

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