Why women in her residence called by “someone’s mother”, “someone’s wife”, why not they are called by their own name? They are called by their own name at their parent’s house only and at their workplace. Does it indicate that women get full of freedom at only those places?

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16 thoughts on “Random Thought: Women’s Identity

  1. Here in my country, the reason woman are called “someone’s mother” is because most of us believe that it’s an honour and privilege to have a child of your own. Most people believe that, by calling a woman after her child (e.g Mummy John, Mummy Obinna, etc), they are giving you much respect.
    I think it’s a silly mindset, though.

    1. Opinions may differ from person to person. If that is honored then why not a men also called by someone’s father. Is he not honored? Anyway, Thank you for sharing your views…

      1. Oh, it’s often the same with men. It’s usually the same with men actually, especially if the child they’re identifying the parents with is a boy.
        I still think we need to reconstruct the way we reason.

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