God is with you always. An invisible power is constantly trying to improve you. The status of life never becomes a straight line as there are ups and downs.The invisible power which we feel but can’t be seen has immense energy.

When you squeeze the lemon, you get the output. Similarly, sometimes God squeezes us by giving troubles so that God can get best output from us. So, someone should not be worried when he / she faces troubles or lots of problems in life.

Imagine, a kid asked from his/her parents for a Cadbury. Father thought of giving his/her a Barbie Set but when he noticed that his/her kid will be happy by a simple Cadbury only, father decided not to give more valuable things. Father gave the kids Cadbury only.

This is the reason, before praying to God, everyone should think a lot. It may happen, God has kept for you a bigger thing, but you have prayed to God a simple thing. So, maintain your hard work with patience without praying for a materialized thing to God, and we should pray to God for peace and happiness.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

17 thoughts on “Prayer to God!

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