Let me share my personal experience in this regard. I started blogging on September 18. I was enough confident about the quality of my writings. On October, I shocked when I noticed that my blogs were not getting more than 3 views and 2 likes and I saw someone wrote about his/her daily routine and got 30-35 likes. I stopped worrying and thought of waiting and writing more with more dedication. I was just writing without thinking other things – views, likes etc. I just focused on interaction with people and started reading their blogs. On December, I was getting 20-30 views / likes. I never thought of getting 200 followers within 4 months. Now I have got the clue that my blogs were not reaching to the people due to lack of interaction. Even, today also it is reaching only to few people i.e to my WordPress followers and my facebook friends.

From this, I have realised that my blogs were not reaching to destinations. Actually that time I was just on the beginning of the way.

Even, today also I am on the
way. Today, also I feel that something more parameters I am missing. I must find out those.

Similarly, sometimes we are being worried and think that God is not listening to us. But it is not so. Actually, either our prayer is on the way or it has taken wrong path. If our prayer is on the way, then we should wait and concentrate on our work. If waiting also does not work, this means -prayer has taken wrong path. When we are focussing only on getting fruits and don’t look at the tree, we forget to take care of the tree and thus it leads to wrong path. When we look at the result only, forget about doing the hard work on increasing the quality of our works, the universe leads us in the wrong path. Thus our prayer does not reach to the Almighty.

So, we should focus on our work only, not on the achievements. we should not be worried about our success. we should become so busy in working in right direction that we should not have time to think about success. We should follow hard working and Success will automatically come to us and knock our door.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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24 thoughts on “Are your prayers reachable ?

  1. Very true. This is the same this I have realized about the engaging aspect. Being original in expressing yourself and Giving time to other followers blogs is the most crucial aspect of blogging.

  2. That was a great post, done very well with a good example! Keep it up! By the way, you are doing much better than I am with my blog and I have been at it much longer! If you have time, come take a look at my blog.

  3. Love your response for it is so very true. Prayers are indeed reachable, however no man is an island alone. Jesus himself didnโ€™t walk alone, he chose and started with twelve men who were all different, with different backgrounds, and made them Fisherman of Men. They Interacted, fellowshipping with people from different walks of life

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