No thoughts are coming in my mind,

Am in a cage,

In a remote village.

My mind is in suffocated state,

Obeying so many rituals,

With my family members,

Due to death of my father in law.

So many new things I saw

And got surprised,

At planting a tree in name of him,

Feeding that tree in name of him,

I got wondered.

How the rituals evolved,

Who has invented?

Are the rituals same all over the world?

Do the people obey 15 days rituals

Due to death of a person?

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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16 thoughts on “Rituals #1

  1. Each ritual has some meaning, sicentific justification (most of them), there is no such problem on that. However, the problem comes when people are differentiated based on their rituals.

  2. Yes, i am agree but one thing may differ with Firan’s opinion.

    I think many of us don’t know this justification.. if it has or how much…
    If you don’t be able to know the cause every thing will become miracle
    Rituals are of no exception.
    In this digital world it is too hard to accept this.

    1. Yaa, true…sometimes People change the rules of rituals as per their capabilities.. 😃.. Yes of course it is too hard.. I am in that phase right now… I am not getting any reason for planting a tree in the of that person who just passed away… Though I believe a little on this, but after 12 days, rooting out that tree have no meaning at all…

    1. Yes indeed… As the rituals vary from region to region, I personally couldn’t able to find any strong reason behind it. I believe it is just to make our seniors happy, nothing else… 😃

  3. Actually, I have always assured myself that people perform rituals for, inner peace, and strong belief towards something. But yes, I also want to know these answers!

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