Every action should have a purpose ! Where there is action,there must be reaction ! Where there is cause, there must be effect !

Whenever you do some actions, ask yourself, for what purpose you are doing this ?  Where there is no purpose, there is no fruitful action !

If your purpose is very strong, your action also will be strong, you will achieve power to do your action. If you know the purpose, you will definitely be able to know the result of your action.

When you will see the entire picture starting from purpose to fruitful result, you will be energetic to act promptly. You will feel that someone or some invisible source of power is boosting you to do the actions. You will feel the difference between two lives – “when you did not know the purpose ” and “when you know the purpose”.

You will feel moving automatically as if someone is pushing you and showing you the path for forward movement. 

So…find out the purpose for your each step. Once you come to know the purpose, you can’t be idle. Make your purpose of life big, so that you can do a big task .

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. - John F. Kennedy

Thank you for reading ! Let’s together make a beautiful world ! God Bless !


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