Blogging Care For Serious Blogger # 3

Do you have a big house ? If yes, then definitely you pay high maintenance charge along with much care and attention. Am I right ? But if you buy a small house which is sufficient for keeping the things you need with good arrangements, you have to give less attention. Right ?

Exactly this happens for Blogging too. Inside your mind, one idea has been flashed and you want to blog it. I personally suggest to write in brief as much required to reflect your theme of the blog. Then,you have not to give much attention to your write-ups, you have to take responsibilities for only written sentences. If you like to pay high attention, then you may go for publishing a book and reflect a short theme in your blog just for advertising.
I always like medium size flat which I can clean properly. This choice may vary from person to person. Some persons like a big flat full of furnitures and after 5-6 years, they could not able to clean the entire flat. Similarly, in blogging also, it happens. Some people write so many things and at end, the main theme of the blog has been diluted.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Care For Serious Blogger # 3

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