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There is a proverb – “Morning Shows The Day”. Morning is the beginning of the day. If you are happy and pleased in the morning, entire day will be good. Similarly, your first impression matters a lot. When you meet with someone, first few sentences said by you are very important. When you submit a file, cover sheet of the file is very important.

There is another proverb in Bengali -“Sesh Valo jar sob valo tar”. It means that a person whose ending is good, have surely good days throughout his life. When we watch a movie ,if the last portion of the movie does not become good, we are not feeling good and we start commenting on the movie. But if the beginning portion and last portion becomes too good,we are feeling happy in watching that type of movie. Isn’t It ?

So, Conclusion is also very important.

Whether you are delivering a lecture or you are talking with someone, Conclusion is also a vital thing. We can learn many things from the Conclusion part of a story, of a movie etc. We can give a lesson through our Conclusion part to our customers. If Introduction and Conclusion part of your lecture become very attractive as well as very meaningful , balance parts of your lecture will become automatically good as because you have started nicely and your target is to finish nicely. Similarly, in our daily life, your thoughts at the end of the day, i. e. before sleeping, are very important. If you can keep yourself happy in morning and at night, your entire day will be automatically happy.

Birth and death are not in our hand but of course thoughts in morning and in bed time are in our hand. Always think positive at least in “MN” i.e in Morning and at Night. Make your life a Good Story Book. For this, you have to make First and Last pages of each chapters very interesting so that when readers will read your life story, they will gain something and they will be motivated.

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