Dear Sons,Daughters,Sisters,brothers,Uncles,Aunties,Fathers,Mothers,Grandparents,

Let us imagine this world as a big house only. Let us remove the separators like ‘name of country’,’Religion’,’Language’,’Type of fooding’. These parameters are only the culprit which compel us to think that we are from different country,from different religion and so so. But ultimately, we all are same -human being.  Let us imagine we all are relatives and the Supreme Power’s blood is flowing in our body .This power gives us strength,feelings and so many things. Everywhere in every country, people believe either in God or in themselves. There are so many different forms and looks of God. But it is God only whom we trust and get strength. So, let us imagine for a moment that we all are from same family and then, you people will have wonderful feelings. You will feel very sad when there will be riots in some countries. You will feel good when the demarcation line will be vanished. You will feel good when there will be no riots, nobody gets deprived of any facilities. Are you feeling happy ? At least for a moment, are you feeling that world will be like heaven then ?

Let us be united. Let us change our address. There are so many Galaxies and let us give a name to our Galaxy as “Kaliyug Galaxy”. Let us make our address like this :

Kaliyug Galaxy


House : World

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless this entire Universe.

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