A Letter to a LAPTOP from a PEN

writing image এর ছবির ফলাফল

P.C : From Google

Dear Laptop,

People love you so much. When you were not there, people loved me. I was existing in everybody’s pocket. Now there is smartphone in people’s pocket. Don’t you feel bad replacing me ? When people use me, when someone writes something by using me, the notes written by him / her can’t be copied fully. When people use you and type something, the notes typed by them can be copied. There is no beauty in typing in laptop but there is beauty in writing in a copy. Different people have different handwritings. Some people’s hand writings are so good that there are immense glaze in their writings. This glaze is natural beauty exists in writing only not in typing.  Laptop may be lost, smartphone may be damaged but copies may not be lost or damaged easily. Your cost is very high and that is the reason someone may steal you, but my cost is very less, nobody will steal me. Time is the best healer. Now time is yours’. everything is a cyclic process. One Day you will be at peak point after that you will be finished. Again new civilization will start and then it will be my time. People will use me and forget you. So, there is nothing to be proud of. Anyway, enjoy your time till the time I am coming again. Take care yourself.


PEN ( through which: Perfect Establishment of Notes can be done).

writing image এর ছবির ফলাফল
P.C : From Google

Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful world together. God Bless !


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