God’s Feeling !!!

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Being a parent how do you feel,when your children have not given you five minutes time ?You are observing that your children are not following the right path and hence you are trying a lot to talk with them. But your children are too busy and not getting time to talk with you. They are running like a machine. They are getting up from bed in the morning at 10 a.m and by anyhow taking bath and skipping their breakfast and going to their school / college. They are coming back at home at 7 p.m in evening though school / college end up at 5 p.m.  After leaving the college, they give some time for their friends. At 7 p.m they are completing their assignments, class notes etc. At 10 p.m, they are taking their dinner and after that they are pretending to be busy in study but actually they are busy in social networks. Does it happen with you and your kid ? Do you feel bad ? I understand your sad feelings. But have you understood how God is feeling when we are not giving 5 minutes time to God ?

Guidance given by parents is visible to children but guidance given by God is not visible. Isn’t it ? It is not visible as because we are not children,we are matured enough and God’s guidance is reflected here and there. Just you have to keep your eyes open. God has sent so many messengers for reflecting His path to be followed by human being. Problem exists as because we are too busy and we can’t listen to God’s advice. We are pretending to be busy. We don’t give five minutes time to our universal Parents-Almighty God. God is constantly trying so that we can listen to Him.

The true path guided by God has not been visible to us due to morning fogs like lack of meditation, our false pride, our false showism in social networks. We can easily reduce the time we engage in social networks and can use that time for meditation, for speaking with God, for speaking with ourselves. God has given all of us good qualities. But, sad news is that we could not able to enlighten those good qualities. Very few people can enlighten those good qualities.

If you want to empower yourself, you should trust in God. You should trust in God so much that you will feel -“God is your parents and you are illiterate kid of God” and then Listen to your God, your inner Soul.

So you give God your trust, daily speak with your God and God will soon give you Positive strength, Power.


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