Who says divorce is the Solution ? Who can give guarantee that you will be happy with your second partner ? No human being is perfect in this world. Nobody’s thought is matching exactly with other’s. If you chose to stay single after Divorce, then it is different thing. 

But for general people -I must say-“someone is better than no one”. The dis satisfaction may occur with your second partner too. I personally feel – Problems exist everywhere and with everybody, Keep flowing with the problems. Divorce is not the permanent solution. Root out the main causes of the problems. He is he and She is she. You can’t make him as like you. Your choice may not match with her choice. Stay together with these dissimilarities. Have you seen the above picture ? Water flows at high speed, at high force just because of rough surface. 

Believe me, you will be happier only if you don’t try to change others. Let him stay as per his choice.  If problem exists and you can’t tolerate, I must say ignore the problems, ignore the person, concentrate on yourself, concentrate on your works. You only can make yourself happy, not your second partner. It may happen that you will be happy with your second partner,but I am sure that happiness is just for few years. Nowhere and with nobody, you will get ultimate and permanent happiness. Then why do you go for divorce which wastes your money,time and hurt your mind ? You will get ultimate happiness if you change yourself, if you keep yourself busy in works.

Give divorce the problems by using “Ignorance,keep yourself busy” not the person. Above all the person whom you want to give divorce has also been come to this earth with a big ZERO like you. Then why you both are suffering from problems ? The main cause of these sufferings are “Environment”,”Background”,”Others”.

Actually I feel, when there are fighting between two or many different adjectives which are imposed upon you, both of you feel that problem is happening due to your partner. But actually problem is happening due to attitude, the way you are looking. Don’t go for divorce the person rather go for divorce the problems.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together ! God bless !

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