Imagination is a great art ! The person who can imagine well, can also write well. Imagine life in your own way. There are different types of people,so there will be different types of imaginations in this world ! If you want to imagine something, I shall suggest not to read the books. First, you jot down your imaginations. Then you read different types of story books. Do you know why I am suggesting like this ? Because once you read the books, you will start to imagine the life like the author of that book which one you were reading. Of course, you will read books, but definitely after jotting down your own world, your own views and perspectives. Once you jot down your world, and then if you start reading the books, the author can’t erase your imagination permanently. It may happen , after reading the books, your imaginations get new picture of life, or your view has adopted new direction of life. Here, I mean to say that your imagination may get changed.

Also you can differentiate, can compare between your view and author’s view. Combining these two views, you can imagine new things. The area of your imagination will be enlarged. Our dance teacher used to say -” Don’t see the dance steps from recorded videos, do practise as much as you remembered, let it be wrong, let it happen that you may stop,can’t move forward, as you have forgotten the steps, still don’t watch the videos, if you see the videos, your inner capability will not grow up.” Exactly, imagination is also like that.

Start imagining life and give a shape to those imagination and then read the books and again give a new shape to your new imaginations. It is really wonderful !

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